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Dubya (a.k.a. WenDIVA) shares some words of wisdom.

Dubya on Dubya:
I am so nice that sometimes, I make myself cry.

Dubya on Food:
(Responding to Lony's statement that eating a bagel is like eating 4 slices of bread)
No, it's not. It's like two. I know a bagel is like two slices of bread because when you cut it, you have (left hand opens) one... (right hand opens) two slices. Not four.

Dubya on Reproductive Choice:
(Responding to a hypothetical situation posed by Cur in which she has to choose between two men, to remain anonymous, with whom to repopulate the world.)
I would perform self-castration.

Dubya on Consumer Choice:
(Upon seeing the decor in Cur's apartment)
Where do you find that stuff?
(Cur answers, "Ebay.")
What do you search under? Crap?

Dubya on Love:
(Contemplating a blind date a friend is arranging)
Maybe I should ask for his W2 right away.

Dubya (well, actually D's relative) on Finding a Man:
Make sure he's rich.
And make sure he's not married.

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