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Saturday, April 10, 2010
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Sunday, February 14, 2010
Happy Lunar New Year!!!  
Have a good time with family and some good eats!

NYE spread
The amount of food my mom prepares...for 4 people.

nian gao
You have to have nian gao for the Lunar New Year.

Monday, December 14, 2009
Happy Holidays! *Updated*  
Ah, the holidays. Time for joy, time for cheer, and time for our annual holiday cookie decorating. As usual, our holiday cookies were of a secular nature, including ninjas (now pictured!) and monsters (see below). In lieu of a nativity scene, we opted for something more timely and "news-y" (see below). Apologies in advance for the smushy frosting. YJ has a non-smushed photo, but I couldn't wait to post these! Enjoy!

ninja nunchucks
Sweet Ninjas with Nunchucks! Photo by KK.

Cookie Monster

Reenactment with Cookies

chocolate hazelnut sandwich cookiesNot Hamburgers (they're nutella sandwich cookies). Photo by KK.

toffee ooze
My Choco-Toffee Specialty. Photo by KK.

Sunday, November 01, 2009
The Signage Is For Your Benefit.  
Yesterday I felt like some overpriced sugar water (e.g., vitaminwater), so I headed to my local Safeway. It's a Safeway that I'm very familiar with, so as I approach the building, I don't even have to think as I walk towards the "entrance" doors versus the "exit" doors. As I get within several feet of the door, my brain slowly registers a face looking at's some guy inside the Safeway about to exit through the door I'm approaching. Unthinking, I continue to walk closer, figuring that I'll let him pass first. But I forgot that the doors at Safeway are automatic doors. So as I stepped within the range of the electronic sensor, the door swung inwards and whopped the guy in the face. Then probably something automatic made the door swing back slightly but since I was still within range, it swung inward again, and whopped him a second time. I felt kinda bad...but I was also pretty amused.

Sunday, September 20, 2009
Asian Fusion That I Can Stand Behind...  
...and will stand an hour in line for.

Recently, Dubya granted my birthday wish by chasing down the oh-so-popular Kogi BBQ Taco Truck with me one afternoon.

Although I still consider myself to be young, I do manifest maturity in several ways: for example, I am extremely good at being the curmudgeon. I'd been interested in this Kogi phenomenon for a while now, but the idea of having to wait in line for food was extremely disagreeable, as anyone who has gone to dim sum with me can attest. In general, I refuse to eat anywhere that requires me to wait more than half an hour, let alone an hour (you know who you are, snooty French brunch place in Berkeley!). My time is precious, so your food had better be frickin' amazing if I'm going to have to wait for it. Especially if you're going to make me STAND the entire time.

Another concern of mine when I try new places arises whenever food is "Asian-influenced." As someone of Asian descent, it can sometimes be hard to judge Asian-y foods without using authenticity as a criterion. But nowadays, I can deal with Asian-influenced food as long as it's advertised as such. If you try to pass off your Asian food as "authentic" when any Asian person can tell you that it's not, then that really annoys me. I could name a chain whose name starts with two initials and ends with the possessive of a Mandarin last name that rhymes with "fang," but I will not.

Anyway, as it turned out, the wait wasn't that bad. It may have been the 90F plus heat, but for whatever reason, no one was waiting when we arrived, and so we got first place in line when the taco truck arrived.

kimchi quesadilla black jack quesadilla

Dubya and I decided to try the kimchi quesadilla, the black jack quesadilla (one of the day's specials), the korean short rib taco, and the spicy pork taco. The black jack quesadilla was the bomb. I normally prefer kalbi over spicy pork any day, but their spicy pork was really delicious and flavorful, without the spiciness completely overpowering the meat. The salsas and whatever other crack they must sprinkle on this food totally took these dishes over the edge.

korean short rib taco

So, to conclude, the food from the Kogi Taco Truck is extremely satisfying, and the culinary cultural combination results in truly delicious food. Delicious enough that I would definitely wait an hour to try it again.

But no more. This old lady's got her limits.


Thursday, September 03, 2009
Sweet Childhood Memories.  
During month close while I was feeling particularly grouchy, Cut the Line! shared this site, which made me smile!

Monday, August 31, 2009
Aw, They Are Just Too Cute!  
I heard about these kids on NPR. They are tooooo cute! I love how much they are enjoying themselves, and it's just another reason to support arts education in our public schools.

The PS22 Chorus has their own website, check it out!

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