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LITERATURE > Poetry Corner > Haiku Heaven

Here are some haikus I wrote when I was bored at work, an occurrence of frightening regularity. If you come up with any funny ones while YOU'RE bored, don't hesitate to email them to me!

Don't Wanna Dance with Short Boy at Club

Dancing and happy
Til attacked by short, rude boy
No means no, buddy

Haiku for my Co-Workers on my Birthday

The noise from your mouths
Means nothing to birthday girl
Leave me alone, tools.

First Date with Boy I Met on the Internet

Picture of blond boy
Reality, image, CLASH!
Won't work out. No. No.

No Cuties at Research Lab Where I Work

I see many boys
Ugly tree has no branches
Why? Oh, this poor tree...

Mantra for Standardized Test

Eight hundred, easy...
Eight hundred? No problemo!
Eight hundred or bust!

Bad Work Experience (by M.K.)

Apparently, M.K. did not like his previous employer. Note the angry language.

Glorious Mar Co.
Make me your financial bitch
Ah yes, this is hell

Microeconomics Is Not my Forte

Microecon sucks.
All I know is my brain has
Suffered deadweight loss.

©2003 All rights reserved.