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LINKS > My Favorite Links

I am so good to you people. Here's a collection of links that I like. Wanna suggest a link? E-mail me!


  • The Dullest Blog in the World - It's dull, but in an interesting way.
  • Eric Conveys an Emotion - One of the best out there. Just try it, and all will be explained.
  • Fametracker - As you can probably tell, I'm pretty much obsessed with film and television. Of course, it should be expected that I am also obsessed with dishing about and dissing celebrities. This is a fun site to visit. Check out the "2 Stars 1 Slot" and the "Fame Audit" sections. Thanks, Grace, for introducing me to this site!
  • Former USA VP Dan Quayle Quotes - After reading these, you will never feel stupid again!
  • Mullets Galore - The site for people who love "business in the front, party in the back."
  • Naked Chicken - The wonders of genetic engineering.
  • Television Without Pity - Everyone has a show that's a "guilty pleasure." You know you love it, but you won't admit that fact to anyone. Chances are, this site has got recaps of all those shows...smothered with humor and sarcasm. So if you're freaking out because you missed last week's Dawson's Creek, click here! Oh yeah, and let me give you a warning: I think this site is funny, and people who are reading the recaps tend to look stupid as they laugh uncontrollably at their don't read this site if it's not a good time for you to look stupid (e.g. when your boss is around).
  • The Onion - Fake headlines, but lots of fun. I like the "Point-Counterpoint" section, particularly the one on technology.
  • Weebls Kenya Cartoon - A great ad for Kenya.

  • Games at Cartoon Network - Play games that feature your favorite Cartoon Network stars! One of my favorites is the Powerpuff Girls' "The Fast and the Flurrious" snowboarding games, but I also like the Dexter's Labyrinth.
  • - Games that take procrastination to a whole new level
  • Quizilla - For people who like filling out quizzes (like "What Ivy League University is right for you?" and "Which X-Men are you most like?") and/or manipulating the answers to get the results they want


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