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PHOTOS > The Galleries > August 29, 2003::My Funny B-Day Cake

There's a back story to this photo. On my birthday, my sister bought me an ice-cream cake. She went to Baskin-Robbins 31 Flavors and picked out a cake for me. The teenager behind the sales counter asked her if she wanted to have anything written on the cake, and she said, "Yes." She wrote down "Happy Birthday Nina" on a piece of paper and gave it to the sales clerk. The kid took the cake and the message and disappeared into the back of the store, presumably to the "kitchen." Considering his age, my sister assumed that the kid had walked the cake over to a more experienced cake-message-writer who was working in the kitchen. But when the kid brought the cake back out, my sister noted with dismay that rather than the pretty cursive she was used to, the message was written in print and looked like a second-grader had written on it.

When she showed it to me, I couldn't stop laughing. Although it didn't look good, I'm sure the kid tried his best. It wasn't pretty, but it was memorable.

Look at this just cracks me up!

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